Uniform Policy

Effective the Spring 2014 season, the Burlingame Soccer Club (the Club) has revised its Uniform Policy.

  1. Uniform purchasing responsibility is the responsibility of teams/players. The Club does not include uniform fees in the overall fees it charges. Teams/players are responsible for purchasing their own uniforms. All uniforms will be the property of the members and not considered property of the Club.
  2. Teams that have been formed after July 2013 (new teams formed forSpring 2014) are required to purchase the ADIDAS uniform Kit. Adidas is the official uniform supplier for the Burlingame Soccer Club effective for the Spring 2014 season.
  3. Teams that were formed prior to July 2013 (legacy teams) are required to replace their current uniform kits with the ADIDAS kit no later than July 2016. Teams may transition to the new kit prior to 2016, but only with the unanimous consent of the families of the team. The Burlingame Soccer Club does not require teams to transition prior to the normal replacement cycle (two year cycle).
  4. Beginning in Fall 2016, teams are expected to replace uniforms and practice jerseys in advance of the Spring season of their odd year (U11 / U13 / U15 / U17). Player numbers are re-assigned at U11 due to consolidation from 8v8 to 11v11. See process below for resolving number conflicts.

Practice Jersey Requirements

  1. For teams formed on or after Fall 2014: All players are expected to wear yellow ADIDAS practice jerseys. All practice tees will have the club logo. Teams may place their team names or team logos in addition to the Club logo on the front of the jersey, but any additional logos may only be added with the written approval of the Uniform Coordinator. Additional logos must be applied by the Club Uniform Supplier and will incur additional costs.
  2. For teams formed between Fall 2013 and Spring 2014: Boys teams are expected to wear white XARA practice tees and Girls are expected to wear XARA royal tees. All practice tees will have the club logo. Teams may place their team names or team logos in addition to the Club logo on the front of the jersey, but any additional logos may only be added with the written approval of the Uniform Coordinator. Additional logos must be applied by the Club Uniform Supplier and will incur additional costs. Practice jerseys must be replaced on the same cycle as Uniforms. Teams replacing practice jerseys are expected to purchase the most current jersey available.
  3. For teams formed prior to Fall 2013: Compliance with this policy is optional. We encourage all teams to wear practice tees for all practices, but this is at the team option only. Teams that implement the use of practice jerseys or who are replacing existing practice tees need to comply with the policy and use the current Club practice Jersey.

Adidas Minimum Kit Requirements and Optional Items

Required Minimum Items:

  • Adidas Custom Royal Jersey (Primary)
  • Adidas Custom White Jersey (Alternate)
  • Adidas Gold Short
  • Adidas Royal Sock
  • Adidas Black Sock
  • Adidas Practice Jersey with logo
  • Adidas GK Jersey and Green Socks (GK ONLY)

Optional Items:

  • Adidas Practice Hoodie
  • Adidas Warmup Jersey
  • Adidas Warmup Pant
  • Adidas Backpack with player number

Adidas Uniform Order Process

Bulk orders are placed at Pro-Soccer in Redwood City. Bulk orders will generally be due to Pro-Soccer no later than January 15, and require at least 60 days lead time. Adidas uniforms are custom uniforms, so all team orders must be placed during Bulk Ordering window. Orders are only considered complete upon payment to Pro-Soccer.

  1. Individual teams are responsible for submitting their order in advance of the Order Deadline
  2. Teams are encouraged to assign a Uniform Coordinator to manage and track the Team Order
  3. The Uniform Coordinator:
    • Ensures that the team order is submitted properly to Pro-Soccer prior to the order deadline
    • Ensures that payment is made to Pro-Soccer for all orders.
    • Coordinates player number assignments (per BSC Player Number Policy) and communicate numbers to Pro-Soccer for application.
    • Ensures that uniforms are received and distributed to the team. Coordinates any missing or incorrect orders with Pro-Soccer.

Pro-Soccer maintains some excess inventory, so single item replacements may be available at the store. Player-families are encouraged to order wisely and not anticipate that Pro-Soccer will be able to replace missing or lost uniform items.

NOTE: ITEMS ARE NOT RETURNABLE. Player-families are encouraged to try-on samples before ordering.

Contact Info

Pro-Soccer Redwood City

1235 Veterans Way Redwood City, CA 94063
(650) 599-9900
Email: N/A

BSC Adidas Uniform Flyer

BSC Uniform Order Form

XARA Minimum Kit Requirements and Optional Items

Required Minimum Items:

  • Hawthorne Game Jersey – Gold/Royal (Primary)
  • Challenger Game Short – Royal/Gold (Alternate)
  • Logo Socks – Gold/Royal
  • Practice Tees – White for Boys/Royal for Girls

Optional Items:

  • Royal/Gold Hawthorn Game 2nd Jersey
  • Magna Backpack – Royal/Gold
  • Genoa Jacket – Royal/White
  • Palermo Track Pants – Black
  • Newport Hoody – Grey
  • League Practice Shorts – Royal
  • Club Practice Socks – Royal

XARA Uniform Order Process

Bulk orders will no longer be available from XARA. Teams who require bulk orders are expected to convert to the ADIDAS Uniform Kit.

Kickers Plus is no longer in business. The new XARA provider is SOCCER PRO.

NOTE: This is NOT PRO SOCCER (our Adidas provider on Veterans Blvd in RWC.  I have sent them a sample of our uniforms to recreate the logos and the numbers and the club uniform standard.  The manufacturing of the heat press logos and numbers may take them several weeks

We are waiting for a Uniform Order form. As soon as we receive it we will post it here. Until then, for those of you with immediate needs, please contact them directly and they will try and assist you.   Soccer Pros has indicated that for one-offs they may be able to create something in the store to place immediately -  at the very least numbers.  Logos can be placed later.

Contact Info

Soccer Pro Redwood City

Carlos Rocha
(650) 365-8282
Email: soccerpro.rc@sbcglobal.net

Store Locations

Soccer Pro (Belmont Location)
578 El Camino Real
Belmont, CA 94001
(650) 593-2328

Soccer Pro (Redwood City Location)
2737 El Camino Real
Redwood City, CA 94061
(650) 365-8282

BSC Uniform Order Form

NOTE: The Club will no longer support XARA at the end of next year and will require ALL teams to be in the new uniform kits by Spring of 2016 so please be aware that any uniform purchases will have a limited life span.

Player Number Assignments

Player numbers are assigned upon team formation, and again when teams transition to 11v11. No rights to numbers are transferred for players transitioning to 11v11. Players who join teams after the team formation may choose from any remaining unassigned numbers. Players transferring within the Club to different teams are considered “new players” for the purposes of this process, and may chose from any remaining unassigned numbers.

  • It is strongly encouraged that player numbers be assigned as an age-group so that overlapping numbers are minimized. Minimal overlaps allow easier player sharing for tournaments, league games, etc.
  • Prior to receipt of uniforms, teams are expected to meet and resolve player numbers. Player numbers need not be assigned prior to ordering since player numbers are applied locally after receipt from the Manufacturer.
  • Teams (or age groups) will meet as a group to assign player numbers.
    • The uniform coordinator will prepare a sign up sheet where players will indicate their first choice of player number
    • The uniform coordinator will collect the sheet once completed and identify any duplicated number requests

Initial Duplicated Number Resolution Process

  • The Uniform Coordinator will identify the parties with duplicated numbers and request that they decide amongst themselves if they would like to choose a new number from the remaining unassigned numbers.
  • Allow all parties with duplicated numbers to complete this process prior to proceeding to the Final Resolution Process. There may be more than one group with duplicated numbers

Final Resolution Process

This applies to all parties that remain with duplicated numbers after the First Duplicated Number Resolution Process.
  • The priority for choosing the balance of the numbers is resolved by drawing from a hat.
  • The uniform coordinator will combine all remaining unassigned participants and put numbers in a in a hat. Each person will draw from the hat.
  • Number picking then will proceed in order based on the numbers drawn from the hat. Player numbers can be chosen from any of the remaining unassigned numbers.

Final Number Orders

The Uniform Coordinator communicates the numbers to the Vendor (Pro-Soccer or Kickers Plus) for application to the jerseys. Pro-Soccer will require the player number last name and jersey number in order to properly apply the numbers.

New Adidas Uniforms

White Jersey – $50 + tax

Game-Jersey-A BSC

Blue Jersey – $50 + tax

Game-Jersey-H BSC

Gold Shorts with logo – $32 + tax


Practice Jersey (with Number) – $21.50 + tax


Practice Hoodie – $29 + tax


Blue & White Sock – $9 + tax


Black & White Sock – $9 + tax


Training Jacket with logo and number – $57 + tax


Training Pant with number – $39 + tax


Goalkeeper Jersey with Logo – $55.50 + tax


Back Pack with logo and number – $50 + tax