BSC Special Clinics

Spring 2015 Special Clinic Schedule (Clinics begin on March 9th and end on June 11th)

Training Program
MondayGoalkeeper/Striker4:00-5:30 pmMurrayU08-U10 B/GNemanja Colovic & Luciano Guinazu
MondayGoalkeeper/Striker5:30-7:00 pmMurrayU11-U14 B/GNemanja Colovic & Alonso Davila
MondayAgility & Coordination5:30-7:00 pmMurrayU11-U14 B/GYuta Tanaka
TuesdayGoalkeeper/Striker4:00-5:30 pmMurrayU08-U10 B/GNemanja Colovic & Gonzalo Guinazu
TuesdayGoalkeeper/Striker5:30-7:00 pmMurrayU11-U14 B/GNemanja Colovic & Waldemar Roldan
TuesdayAgility & Coordination5:30-7:00 pmMurrayU08-U10 B/GMarko Pantelic
TuesdayAdmanced Goalkeeper Tranining7:00-8:30 pmMurrayGK'S OnlyNemanja Colovic
WednesdayAgility & Coordination5:30-7:00 pmMurrayU08-U10 B/GMarko Pantelic
WednesdayAgility & Coordination5:30-7:00 pmMurrayU11-U14 B/GYuta Tanaka
WednesdayFitness/ Injury Prevention7:00-8:00 pmMurrayU13+ B/GYuta Tanaka
ThursdayFitness/ Injury Prevention6:00-7:30 pmFranklinU13+ B/GYuta Tanaka

The club continues to understand the importance of providing our players with the most comprehensive training program available. We look to continue to expand our programs and improve the experience for all that participate both within and outside of the team training environment. These programs are provided as part of your club fees by the club to any player interested in participating. Here are some of the programs that are currently being offered.

Goalkeeper and Striker Program

We are focused on providing specific training programs for players, including for specialty skills and positions, such as for goalkeepers and strikers. Goalkeepers and Strikers are key components to every team and there training can be sometimes overlooked within the team training environment. It is important that these players have the opportunity to get proper individualized and specific instruction in addition to their team training sessions.

For goalkeepers, this program will focus on developing important goalkeeping technical and mental fundamentals required to play the position. Soccer Goalkeepers are the last line of defense, and this training will also help them to remain calm under pressure through instruction and repetition. For Strikers, the training will focus on development of individual attacking skills and proper finishing techniques. These programs are typically combined during portions of the trainings so that the players can implement and apply what was defined and demonstrated in the individual training sessions in a more realistic situational environment against one another. They will be set up based on skill level and age.

Agility and Coordination Program

In order to expand, reinforce and supplement the team training program, the club has established program called “agility and coordination” which also extends into Conditioning Training program in older age groups. As an addition to regular team training Agility and Coordination is also program provided by the Club and is set up based on skill level and age. Agility and Coordination was implemented initially to reduce occurrence of serious player injuries such as ACL incidents but it has been expanded to also develop these critical elements for all players in an age and development specific focus.As part of the team training program, club coaches will work on the overall development of the player with a physical, technical, tactical and mental focus within their training program.

Depending on player age and development different focuses are trained more or less. For younger players, the developmental focus will be on psychomotor skills and development of basic motor skills, coordination and coordinative abilities with and without the ball related to development of soccer technique. Also agility and flexibility is something that requires focus from early ages. These focuses are being developed through regular team training in early ages and also through our Agility and Coordination program.

For the older players, the game is more physical, and thus, strength and endurance become more important as part of Conditioning at the regular team training program beside technical and tactical work on team practices.The main topics of Conditioning Training program are: Speed, Strength, Agility, Flexibility and Endurance.

Fitness and Injury Prevention Program

The Injury Prevention program is an extension of the agility and coordination program and is designed specifically to address motor sequencing and mobility issues that put many of our athletes particularly pre-adolescent and adolescent girls at risk for potentially serious injuries.  The program will focus primarily on improving static and dynamic postural control, which will be progressed in to functional strength and reactive strength, through progressive development of linear and lateral acceleration and deceleration techniques.  We will also cover proper recovery, mobility and maintenance techniques with our athletes.  This program is essential for our athletes to provide them with vital tools for their long term development at a critical stage in their development.