Skills Training

ajax-u14-boys-photo1 The club understands the importance of focusing on providing specific training programs for specialty skills and positions. These programs are included in your club fees and are a service that is provided by the club to any player interested in participating. Here are some of the programs that are currently being offered. Individual training programs are also available for a fee.

Goalkeeper Training: Covers the basic fundamentals of shot-stopping, positioning, footwork, handling, distributing, crosses, and breakaways. Tactics include situational play, game preparation, communication, and environmental conditions.

Striker Training: Covers learning the attacking skills necessary to give your team the edge. Power & placement shooting, headers, volleys, toe pokes, combination play to create space, penalty kicks, corner kicks, bicycle kicks and more!

Our professional coaches help players develop techniques for striking the ball with different parts of the foot to improve accuracy such as: instep drive, side volleys, chipping over the keeper and the banana shot; attacking 1 vs. 1 and beating a defender and keepers; shooting penalty kicks; shooting free kicks in and around the penalty box area; scoring from a break away and ability to manipulate the path of the ball out of the keepers reach.

In addition, players are taught to recognize scoring opportunities and decide on the easiest way to put the ball in the goal; how to create space in the penalty box and combination play outside the penalty box. Combined with power, speed, and anticipation, a player will learn what is necessary to be an effective finisher for their team!

Speed / Agility Training: Develops the techniques and training regimens that give you speed, power and quickness while boosting agility and balance, too. Players will train to improve their technical ability to take on players with the ball with speed, control, and confidence. BSC trainers focus on enhancing a player’s capacity to dribble the ball with proper technique and the necessary speed, to change direction to avoid pressure, and be explosive when attacking space.

Players will develop the ability to stay composed under pressure and maintain possession in tight spaces with limited time using their foot skills and being creative. In addition, we will work on a player’s defensive skills by focusing on their angle of approach, balance, aggressiveness, timing, and the ability to anticipate the play.

Links to more information and the schedule for: Goalkeeper & Striker Training or Agility & Coordination Training