Burlingame 03B Combines Teams and Wins SBTB Championship

Arsenal-Titans Cropped

Three U10B teams combined to form a Titan team that was a mix of boys from the Titans, Arsenal and one Blizzard players.

They began the tournament Saturday morning with a hard fought draw against the Peninsula Avalanche White, 0-0.  The level of competition in that game gave us pause and we nervously looked forward to the second game later that evening.

The second game was at 6:30 Saturday evening.  The sun was setting and the wind whipping in from the west.  It was clear that whatever team was attacking in an Easterly direction had the advantage of the wind behind their backs and the sun in the eyes of their opponent’s.  The capable adversary, the San Carlos Earthquakes knew this as well. Unfortunately, the soccer gods were not looking favorably upon the Titans and they lost the coin toss and the San Carlos Earthquakes put us in a most unfavorable position.  They immediately scored against the Burlingame team and everyone’s nerves were tested.  The Titans responded with a goal and San Carlos in turn scored against them before the first half was over.  During the second half, with a superior field position, Burlingame scored another 3 goals, winning the game 5-2.

The third game was Sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. against Ajax East Bay.  The scoreboard reflected that they had run through their adversaries like a hot knife through butter.  The Titans were forewarned that this would be a hard fought game.  In order to make it to the finals, they needed at least 9 points.  Having had the advantage of a good night’s rest and superior coaching, Burlingame dispensed with Ajax East Bay 4-0.

That afternoon, they played the championship game against Peninsula Avalanche Blue.  The excitement of this game cannot be overstated.  Both teams fought a great match, trading goals throughout.  At the end of regulation, the game stood at 3-3.  During the second half of overtime, the Titans put the ball in on a corner kick with only a minute to spare.