Board of Directors

Board Structure

The board will be divided into two categories – Elected Directors and Advisory Directors.

Elected Directors

The elected directorships shall be based on the management of functional divisions required to operate the club. Currently, the proposed operational structure will have only five (5) divisions: Finance, Program Development, Communications/IT and Operations. One of these directors will be elected to also serve as Executive Director (president). The directors will serve two-year terms. The Directors will meet six times a year and meet with their functional group members monthly. These are strictly volunteer positions and there is no compensation.

Advisory Directors

Advisory Directors are elected by the board to provide substantial support to the organization/board and need not be members of the club.  These positions provide strategic, consulting or sensitive support to the board. The Advisory position is elected by board so can come to term any time during the year. There are no specified Advisory Board term limits nor do we recommend any term limits.

The board can maintain a maximum level of nine (9) board members – elected Directors are limited to a minimum of five (5) and a maximum of seven (7). Advisory Directors will be limited to a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of four (4).

Current Board of Directors

David Wisnom III (– President (Board member since 2010. Current term expires 2014)

Steven Koury (– Director of Finance (Board member since 2012. Current term expires 2014)

Roy Schnabel (– Director of Program Development (Former board member. Current term expires 2015)

Vacant – Director of Operations – Registration, Infrastructure & Scheduling. (Current term expires March 2015)

Matt Rossen ( Director of Marketing & Communications/Information Technology

Appointed Advisory Members

Dusko Rosic – ( of Coaching

Lawrence Viola – Legal Counsel and Risk Management

To reach the entire BSC Board of Directors, please send email to

Director Divisional Positions as fit with the Currently Proposed Structure Modifications

 Director of Finance

  • Financial director (Treasurer) and principal accounting officer of the club
  • General bookkeeping of all BSC accounts
  • Responsible for and maintain custody of all funds and securities of BSC
  • Collect and disburse all funds associated with the operations of BSC
  • Budgeting and Financial Planning: Club fees and expenses/ Divisions
  • Report to the Board on a monthly basis the financial status of BSC
  • Provide Board with updated financial statements/budget on a quarterly basis.
  • Provide Board with a report for the fiscal year at the Annual General Meeting
  • Participate in fundraising activities
  • Chair Financial Aid Committee: Player and Team Assistance Funds

 Director of Marketing & Communications/Information Technology

  • Manage Club-wide Information Technology
  • Oversee Website Development and Maintenance
  • Generate all Internal Club Communications
  • Manage Conflict Resolution through TAC (Technical Action Committee)
  • Manange External Community Communications
  • Develop  and execute annual Marketing, PR and Social Media Plans

 Director of Program Development

  • Manage Programs Planning, Creation and Implementation
  • Oversee Internal Program Management
  • Manage Kick Start Programs
  • Develop and promote In-school/After School Outreach Programs
  • Oversee Pre-Academy and Training Programs
  • Lead Strategic Program Partnerships
  • Coordinate event management/tournaments
  • Develop College Recruitment Information

 Operations Directors (2)

  • Oversee Team Management and Assistance Programs
  • Coordinate Team Registration
  • Manage Fields/Facility Management and Procurement
  • Lead Practice and Game Scheduling
  • Oversee Referee Scheduling
  • Manage Equipment/Risk Management
  • Oversee Uniform Purchasing

 ADVISORY Directors

  • Director of Coaching
  • Legal Counsel

The Director of Coaching and Legal Counsel roles are an important voice at the Board level and are not be subject to general election.  These positions remain on board as Advisory Directors.  The Director of Coaching is excluded from any participation on all decisions that involve issues regarding his employment, contract or payment.

Board Member Elections

Nominating procedures

All interested and qualified candidates will complete the nomination and declaration form within 45 days of the AGM.  This form includes contact and background information, a declaration of purpose and relationship disclosures. The Board Nominating Committee (consisting of board members, coaches and parents) will interview each of the candidates. The committee will prepare an evaluation of each candidate, which may also include interviewing references and associates. The nominating committee will select the finalist nominees and submit recommendations to board for a vote.  Election to the board is by simple majority.  The new board members will be announced at the Annual General Meeting.

Current Open Positions

Co-Director of Operations – There are currently two Co-Directors of Operations. The Burlingame Soccer Club Board is looking to share the tasks currently performed by two directors and re-distribute them to share them among three directors.

Director of Development: Responsibilities will be for fundraising activities including special events (SBTB, 5v5), grants (e.g.:Olympic Club) and donations.

Candidate Requirements

1. Must have a child in the Burlingame Soccer Club or Related Program

2. Requires one of the following:

A. Staff Volunteer for 1 year.  Staff positions defined as:

    • Scheduling Coordinator
    • Fields Coordinator
    • Volunteer Coordinator
    • Referee Coordinaton

B. Endorsement of two existing board members

C. Endorsement of 10 Team Managers

3. Complete the BSC Board Nomination Form of qualifications and background